[New 2020] DJ Fourd Nkay ft Dayday and Baesuyong “Don’t Wanna Come Home”

DJ Fourd Nkay drops new single “Don’t Wanna Come Home” on 25th September. 


DJ Fourd Nkay is Japanese DJ who had been based in New York for 10 years and currently in Japan. He had a lot of works with American Hiphop/R&B artists but this single features Korean artists. Since the movie “Crazy Rich Asian”, 88rising the music label succeeded, Asian music and culture are getting attention in the industry from all over the world. Dayday the rapper is known as a member of K-Pop boys band DMTN. As a solo artist, He appears on “Show Me The Money” the very popular TV show in Korea. In 2017, he released his single “Call Me” with Jay Park who’s known as a first Asian artist from Roc Nation and Gray who’s also top artist in Korea. Baesuyong is upcoming artist from Dayday’s crew who drops a couple of mixtapes. 

DJ Fourd Nkay had moved in New York since 2008 and came back to his home town Tokyo in 2018. He was planning world tour from London to China in 2020 but It’s postponed because of Covid-19 and he released a single in advance. Many clubs in Tokyo still not fully opened but he is trying to find new ideal platform for DJs. Then he started YouTube channel “Hiphop And The Culture”. He says “I want to tell my story, real Hiphop and American culture. Also I want to have young people in Japan have International mind through this YouTube channel.” Mastered in Los Angels, Lyric video made in India. This is international project that mixed K-Pop and R&B. 


Apple Music

DJ Fourd Nkay started funding due to Covid-19

Hello everybody, I am DJ Fourd Nkay.
You might know who I am but I ask you to allow me to introduce myself.
I am a DJ / Music Producer who used to live in New York from 2008 – 2018, sometimes go back and forth in Atlanta.
Currently I am living in Tokyo Japan the city where I am originally from.
dj fourd nkay
I travel around all over the world for gig as a DJ and keep releasing my singles. (“Money Walk ft 2 Milly” in 2018, “Baby Baby ft Robbie Nova” in 2020.)
Now many gigs are canceled due to Covid-19 and I would be grateful If you could donate a fund to my activities.
Here is my Cashapp for donations.
Cashapp : $StraightHeat
Also : you can use BandCamp
Please let me know on Instagram DM @fourdnkay If you donate. I would like to say Thank you.
Hope everybody safe!
DJ Fourd Nkay

[New 2019] Robbie Nova X DJ Fourd Nkay “Baby Baby”

Latest DJ Fourd Nkay’s single “Baby Baby” ft Robbie Nova dropped in December 2019.

DJ Fourd Nkay featured Queens born R&B singer Robbie Nova for his single “Baby Baby”. Robbie Nova was featured on Maino’s single “That Could Be Us” in 2011 and he is known as songwriter who wrote Troy Ave’s single “She Belongs To The Game” ft Young Lito.

This song is available on Spotify, iTunes and every digital platforms!


[NEW] 2Milly X DJ Fourd Nkay – Money Walk

Brand new DJ Fourd Nkay featring 2 Milly “Money Walk”!

The Brooklyn artist who’s known for the most popular dance craze in the last few years and the song by the same name, “Milly Rock”; 2 Milly and DJ Fourd Nkay, the DJ / Music Producer / Asian Trend Setter who’s based in NYC release their brand new single “Money Walk”. They made a new Brooklyn club banger that will make you dance again. This will be available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and all other platforms on May 11th.

Money Walk 2 Milly DJ Fourd Nkay

iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1377012050?ls=1&app=itunes

Apple Music http://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1377012050

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/3lGfR909r4yb80R1T8Hzgb?si=I2pdZ3RFRTSpMzCqLXp0Jg

Genius Lyric https://genius.com/Dj-fourd-nkay-money-walk-lyrics

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@2milly @fourdnkay




APR 28th Saturday

Straight Heat Saturday – DJ DEN Official Birthday Edition -

at The Delancey basement (168 Delancey st) Everybody FREE all night.

Start at 11pm Dress Trendy Casual.



Brand new and the first one in 2018, Straight Heat Radio is uploaded with new cover! We keep partying, making music and gettin money in 2018!


Party Schedule in March 2018
3/5 Village Monday – at Karma Lounge(51 1st ave NY) start at 10pm DJDEN, AJ GreenPeace and DJ Kou
3/10 Straight Heat Saturday – at The Delancey (168 Delancey st NY) start at 11pm DJ Fourd Nkay and DJ DEN
3/24 Straight Heat Saturday – at The Delancey (168 Delancey st NY) start at 11pm DJ Fourd Nkay and DJ DEN

Straight Heat Saturday



January 20th Saturday

Straight Heat Saturday

At The Delancey (168 Delancey st NY)

Start at 11pm Everybody FREE all night

Dress TRENDY CASUAL (Please make sure dress TRENDY CASUAL to avoid to get refused by bouncer from venue!)

Music by DJ Fourd Nkay and DJ DEN

Hiphop,R&B,Reggae,EDM,Top40,Soca,Old School

Ticket Link


Recap from Fourd Nkay Birthday Bash


New Party Alert in East Village!!
on January 11th
Village Thursday
at SOLAS (232 E 9th street NY)
Start at 10pm
Everybody FREE all night
Music By DJ Fourd NkayDJ DEN and AJ GREEN PEACE
Hiphop,R&B,Reggae,Top40,EDM,Old School
Ticket https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hiphop-x-reggae-x-top40-dj-fourd-nkay-dj-den-aj-green-peace-village-thursday-tickets-41331279971




Brand new Episode of STRAIGHT HEAT RADIO! including Hiphop,R&B,Reggae,Soca,EDM..
















New Party Alert in East Village!!
on January 11th
Village Thursday
at SOLAS (232 E 9th street NY)
Start at 10pm
Everybody FREE all night
Music By DJ Fourd Nkay, DJ DEN and AJ GREEN PEACE
Hiphop,R&B,Reggae,Top40,EDM,Old School
Ticket https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hiphop-x-reggae-x-top40-dj-fourd-nkay-dj-den-aj-green-peace-village-thursday-tickets-41331279971

DJ Fourd Nkay’s STRAIGHT HEAT RADIO – NOV 2017 – 2nd Anniversary

DJ Fourd Nkay Straight Heat Radio 2nd anniversary

DJ Fourd Nkay Straight Heat Radio 2nd anniversary

Brand new episode of STRAIGHT HEAT RADIO the 2nd anniversary edition is uploaded! We really appreciate for your support for 2 years! Enjoy the mix!

DJ Fourd Nkay birthday bash 2017

DJ Fourd Nkay birthday bash 2017















Also we officially announce DJ Fourd Nkay Birthday Bash 2017 on 16th December at The Delancey basement. Shout out to all the people who always come to the party. We partyin, drinkin with beautiful ladies.

Straight Heat Saturday

at The Delancey basement (168 Delancey st) start at 11pm

Music by DJ Fourd Nkay, DJ DEN and AJ GREEN PEACE.

Hiphop,Reggae,Soca,Top40,EDM and Old SChool.

Dress Trendy Casual(make sure dress appropriately to avoid to get refused by dress code)

Everybody FREE all night.

Ticket https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hiphopxreggaexrb-dj-fourd-nkay-birthday-bash-tickets-39737100738


Also same date 16th December, DJ Fourd Nkay will drop the new remix of his single “Benjamin Shower” (Money In The Bank Remix) Benjamin-Shower-Remix





DJ Fourd Nkay’s online radio mix “STRAIGHT HEAT RADIO” based in Hiphop.R&B,EDM,Reggae.

Follow @fourdnkay on Instagram/Twitter and DM to book realistic asian DJ in New York.

DJ Fourd Nkay Party Information

11/04 Saturday “Straight Heat Saturday” at The Delancey basement (168 Delancey st) Start at 11am

11/18 Saturday “Straight Heat Saturday” at The Delancey basement (168 Delancey st) Start at 11pm
Single Information

DJ Fourd Nkay – Benjamin Shower available on iTunes and everywhere https://youtu.be/vVk2Z7QMa3g 

DJ Fourd Nkay – Unforgettable DJ Fourd Nkay Remix https://soundcloud.com/fourdnkay/unforgettable-french-montana-ft-swae-lee-dj-fourd-nkay-remix

[Party Footage] DJ Fourd Nkay – Benjamin Shower Release Party

Shout out to all the DJs who rocked Benjamin Shower release party.

DJ Johnny Hansum from DA UNION, DJ Moe Sticky from Dipset / U.N and DJ DEN.

Straight Heat Saturday in October, on 10/7 start at 12am and 10/21 start at 11pm.

At The Delancey basement (168 Delancey st NY)

Music by DJ Fourd Nkay and DJ DEN