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[New 2020] DJ Fourd Nkay ft Dayday and Baesuyong “Don’t Wanna Come Home”

DJ Fourd Nkay drops new single “Don’t Wanna Come Home” on 25th September. 


DJ Fourd Nkay is Japanese DJ who had been based in New York for 10 years and currently in Japan. He had a lot of works with American Hiphop/R&B artists but this single features Korean artists. Since the movie “Crazy Rich Asian”, 88rising the music label succeeded, Asian music and culture are getting attention in the industry from all over the world. Dayday the rapper is known as a member of K-Pop boys band DMTN. As a solo artist, He appears on “Show Me The Money” the very popular TV show in Korea. In 2017, he released his single “Call Me” with Jay Park who’s known as a first Asian artist from Roc Nation and Gray who’s also top artist in Korea. Baesuyong is upcoming artist from Dayday’s crew who drops a couple of mixtapes. 

DJ Fourd Nkay had moved in New York since 2008 and came back to his home town Tokyo in 2018. He was planning world tour from London to China in 2020 but It’s postponed because of Covid-19 and he released a single in advance. Many clubs in Tokyo still not fully opened but he is trying to find new ideal platform for DJs. Then he started YouTube channel “Hiphop And The Culture”. He says “I want to tell my story, real Hiphop and American culture. Also I want to have young people in Japan have International mind through this YouTube channel.” Mastered in Los Angels, Lyric video made in India. This is international project that mixed K-Pop and R&B. 


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