DJ Fourd Nkay started funding due to Covid-19

Hello everybody, I am DJ Fourd Nkay.
You might know who I am but I ask you to allow me to introduce myself.
I am a DJ / Music Producer who used to live in New York from 2008 – 2018, sometimes go back and forth in Atlanta.
Currently I am living in Tokyo Japan the city where I am originally from.
dj fourd nkay
I travel around all over the world for gig as a DJ and keep releasing my singles. (“Money Walk ft 2 Milly” in 2018, “Baby Baby ft Robbie Nova” in 2020.)
Now many gigs are canceled due to Covid-19 and I would be grateful If you could donate a fund to my activities.
Here is my Cashapp for donations.
Cashapp : $StraightHeat
Also : you can use BandCamp
Please let me know on Instagram DM @fourdnkay If you donate. I would like to say Thank you.
Hope everybody safe!
DJ Fourd Nkay

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