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[NEW] 2Milly X DJ Fourd Nkay – Money Walk

Brand new DJ Fourd Nkay featring 2 Milly “Money Walk”!

The Brooklyn artist who’s known for the most popular dance craze in the last few years and the song by the same name, “Milly Rock”; 2 Milly and DJ Fourd Nkay, the DJ / Music Producer / Asian Trend Setter who’s based in NYC release their brand new single “Money Walk”. They made a new Brooklyn club banger that will make you dance again. This will be available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and all other platforms on May 11th.

Money Walk 2 Milly DJ Fourd Nkay


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Straight Heat Saturday



January 20th Saturday

Straight Heat Saturday

At The Delancey (168 Delancey st NY)

Start at 11pm Everybody FREE all night

Dress TRENDY CASUAL (Please make sure dress TRENDY CASUAL to avoid to get refused by bouncer from venue!)

Music by DJ Fourd Nkay and DJ DEN

Hiphop,R&B,Reggae,EDM,Top40,Soca,Old School

Ticket Link

Recap from Fourd Nkay Birthday Bash


New Party Alert in East Village!!
on January 11th
Village Thursday
at SOLAS (232 E 9th street NY)
Start at 10pm
Everybody FREE all night
Music By DJ Fourd NkayDJ DEN and AJ GREEN PEACE
Hiphop,R&B,Reggae,Top40,EDM,Old School






DJ Fourd Nkay’s online radio mix “STRAIGHT HEAT RADIO” based in Hiphop.R&B,EDM,Reggae.

Follow @fourdnkay on Instagram/Twitter and DM to book realistic asian DJ in New York. 
DJ Fourd Nkay Party Information

11/04 Saturday “Straight Heat Saturday” at The Delancey basement (168 Delancey st) Start at 11am

11/18 Saturday “Straight Heat Saturday” at The Delancey basement (168 Delancey st) Start at 11pm
Single Information

DJ Fourd Nkay – Benjamin Shower available on iTunes and everywhere 

DJ Fourd Nkay – Unforgettable DJ Fourd Nkay Remix

[Party Footage] DJ Fourd Nkay – Benjamin Shower Release Party

Shout out to all the DJs who rocked Benjamin Shower release party.

DJ Johnny Hansum from DA UNION, DJ Moe Sticky from Dipset / U.N and DJ DEN.

Straight Heat Saturday in October, on 10/7 start at 12am and 10/21 start at 11pm.

At The Delancey basement (168 Delancey st NY)

Music by DJ Fourd Nkay and DJ DEN

Benjamin Shower – Official Release Party -

Straight Heat Saturday DJ Fourd Nkay – Benjamin Shower – Official Release Party

September 23rd Saturday at The Delancey Basement floor(168 Delancey st) start at 11pm

Music by DJ Fourd Nkay, DJ DEN

Special Guest DJ : DJ Moe Sticky (Official DJ of Dipset/Cam’ron), DJ Johnny Hansum(DA UNION)

Ticket info

Hiphop,R&B,Reggae,Soca,Top40.EDM all night.

Everybody FREE, Dress Code: TRENDY CASUAL


DJ Fourd Nkay – BENJAMIN SHOWER (Art Work)












DJ Fourd Nkay will drop his Party Track single “Benjamin Shower” and the instrumental EP “Cinematic Reality” on September 29th. Official release party on September 23rd at The Delancey basement floor(168 Delancey st) start at 11pm. The Music Video is also coming out soon…

























3.3 ICHIUMI Lounge (6 E 32nd St, New York, NY 10016) Start at 10pm

3.4 ICHIUMI Lounge (6 E 32nd St, New York, NY 10016) Start at 10pm

3.10 Straight Heat Bushwick at The Starliner (1446 Myrtle ave Brooklyn)

3.16 Somewhere in New Jersey… The more information coming soon.

3.22 V LIVE MIAMI (1330 OCEAN Dr MIAMI Beach)

Straight Heat Radio 1 Year Anniversary!

Fourd Nkay’s Online Radio “Straight Heat Radio” in November marked 1 year anniversary!













I appreciate your support and keep making movement big.

Shout out to the artists who gave drop for Straight Heat Radio.

Robbie Nova (R&B singer / Song Writter) : Known as a Maino’s single from 2nd album “That Could Be Us ft Robbie Nova” and did hook for Jim Jones, 50 Cent and many more. The Song Writer for Troy Ave’s hit single “She Belongs To This Game” also for other Troy Ave songs and Young Lito as well. His Christmas EP “Mistletoe” is available on iTunes and another Mixtape of Robbie Nova X Fourd Nkay is coming soon in 2017..

Kia Babydoll Jeffries (R&B singer / Song Writter) : Known as a Akinyele’s single in 1996 “Put It In Your Mouth ft Kia Jeffries” Kia Jeffries and Fourd Nkay co-producing works are coming soon..



We have celebration party for 1 year anniversary of “Straight Heat Radio” on 11/26 Saturday night at The Delancey “Basement Floor” (168 Delancey st) start at 11pm, everybody FREE all night. Starring DJ Fourd Nkay, Westside Flip, DJ Den, DJ Wacho and Chris.